5th Generation Trustworthy Global Computer
Economic Collaboration among Unknown People and Machines across Globe
Mainframe Mini PC Monopoly Cloud Trustworthy People’s Computer
AI Powered Social Computing Platform
Deep Learning for Fast and Efficient Networks
Bringing AI Revolution to Blockchains

STAR Token Pre-sale from May 30th 2018

500 Free STAR Tokens
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Decentralizing $500 Billion
Monopoly Cloud Computing Market

Building Communities for Decentralized Computing

Targeting Two Virgin Markets First

First Target Market

Medical and Scientific Discoveries

AI Powered Platform for Leading Edge Discoveries in Medicine, Science, and Humanities!

Medical Discoveries

Help discover causes and cures for many dreadful diseases that still afflict humanity, such as Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s, Malaria, etc.

Global Warming

Run mathematical models of greenhouse gas emissions and their likely impact on earth’s surface temperature, rising sea-levels, and dangerous weather patterns.

Clean Energy

Millions of molecular simulations to find the materials that absorb maximum sun light for the next generation solar panels.

Subatomic World

Help scientists unravel the secrets of Subatomic World by analyzing data from particle accelerators such as the Large Hadron Collider.

Mysterious Universe

Analyze data from distant stars and galaxies for better understanding of our mysterious universe and verifying the laws of physics.

Economic Models

Run simulations to study the patterns of global poverty, economic opportunities and wealth creation.

Earn Valuable Digital Currencies while Doing Good Karma!

Second Target Market

AI Driven Social Mining

Discover the Most Promising Coins to Mine and Build Trustworthy Public Blockchains!

People’s Currencies

Verify transactions to maintain Trustworthy Public Data Repositories for innovative People’s Currencies as opposed to restrictive Sovereign Currencies.

Authenticated Credentials

Share computing power for creating repositories of authenticated personal and business credentials which can be securely referenced.

Asset Registries

Help build trustworthy universal asset registries for readily securing credit and superefficient global commerce.

Universal Identity

Lend computing power to create Secure Universal Digital Identity for all citizens of the world for their security, health, welfare, and trustful collaborations.

Product Provenance

Instantaneously check the origin and flow of commodities, products, and services for their integrity. Ensure saftey of food items from around the world.

Transparent Governance

Publicaly auditable data on corporate and government revenues, expenditures, and activities for transparent, corruption-free governance.

Earn Valuable Digital Currencies while Doing Good Karma!

The Team

Rajesh Trivedi


Seasoned technology entrepreneur who excels in discovery, conceptualization, and development of new technology markets and industries. Extensive experience in Engineering, Marketing, Strategy Development and Execution in the Software, Databases, Blockchain, Networking, Semiconductors, and FPGA industries.

Arun Chandra

Principal Scientist

Arun is a technical leader with extensive experience. His career has had a high focus in research and innovations, especially in the areas of parallel computing, artificial intelligence, reliable and secure computing, and mathematical modeling. At Astra, Arun is pioneering mathematical modeling of Blockchain computing architectures. Arun has worked in technical staff, and management roles at pioneering Fortune 500 companies including IBM, AMD, Sun, and Broadcom. He has a PhD and M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. He also has several patents and publications.

Harman Bains

Full-stack Engineer

An experienced full-stack Software Development Engineer. He excels in architecting and building highly intuitive and user friendly software systems. Mr. Bains previously worked as a Software Engineer at Workday in Pleasanton, CA. He earned a B.S. in Neurobiology and a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Washington.

Abraham Mengistu

User Experience Designer

Highly creative user experience and user interface designer. Passionate about deeply understanding consumer needs and how Astra products can delight them.

Silas Sadia

Blockchain Systems Engineering

Passionate about design of efficient Blockchain systems. He is interested in full-stack system development and is writing parallelized, performance-minded CPU and GPU code for use in cryptography, scientific computing, and machine learning. He is currently incorporating cutting-edge consensus algorithms to architect a truly decentralized and fault-tolerant Blockchain for Astra.

Soham Kale

Full-stack Engineering

Passionate about design of efficient Blockchain systems. He excels in full-stack system development and has written parallelized, performance-minded CPU and GPU code for use in cryptography, scientific computing, and machine learning at the University of California, Berkeley. He is currently incorporating cutting-edge consensus algorithms to architect a truly decentralized and fault-tolerant Blockchain for Astra.

Sanjeev Varakantam ​

Business Development & Customer Relations

Sanjeev enjoys working closely with customers from around the world and delighting them. He has over 15 years of experience in Application Engineering and Consulting where he relentlessly solved customer problems. He is also a savvy crypto-investor and understands how online communities can be brought together with right token incentives. Sanjeev has a BS and MS in Computer Engineering.

The Advisors

Dr. Jeff Flowers

Blockchain Advisor

Dr. Jeff Flowers was a Founder of the Blockchain University in San Francisco in 2014. He is a leading thinker and practitioner in this emerging space. Dr. Jeff Flowers is also a Chemistry Professor and fully understands the vast computing resources required for building a library of molecular simulations. He is helping Astra design an innovative incentive system using Blockchain technology to motivate people. Dr. Flowers doctoral work, at San Francisco State University, focused on the use of neural networks and gamification protocols towards achieving highly optimized education pathways.

Dr. Paul Wu

Artificial Intelligence Adviser

Dr. Paul Wu is a thought leader and pioneer in design of Deep Learning systems. He is working with Astra team to optimize dynamic computational networks using innovative Machine Learning algorithms. Dr. Wu’s doctoral work, at Georgia Institute of Technology, focused on the use of hybrid modeling methodologies to simulate and to analysis intracellular biochemical reaction pathways. Dr. Wu’s postdoctoral training at Yale University focused on using integrative method of differential equations, statistical analysis and machine learning to identify biomarkers and pathways important to immunological responses.

The Astra Team is Currently Building

Astra App

A user friendly app that allows masses to join the global movement for ‘Scientific Truths’ and ‘Social Truths’ while earning valuable digital currencies.

Astra Economic Communities

‘Astra Communities’ to empower people to come together and collectively solve intractable problems.

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